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mcMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP!

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Custom Optimization

We are using a specific technical process used to improve data processing efficiency and application configuration alongside overall performance.

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Self Updating Economy

This means that if the players buy more items from the shop the price will increase or decrease.

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Our Games

Here you can see a small overview of all the awesome games we can provide to you and your friends.

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Survival RPG

Survival mode is where the player must collect resources, build structures while surviving in their generated world. You can interact with the local villagers, and at night defend against mobs that attack on sight.

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Bed Wars is a multiplayer minigame. Protect your bed and destroy your opponents' bed! It's a war in the sky! Battle your friends on the bed wars map and develop strategies to become a master! If your bed still stands, you can respawn.

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One Block Minecraft is a mod on Minecraft that starts players with one block floating in the sky. The player then has to dig up the same block for different materials. Each time the player digs up this same block, a new material generates in its place.

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BedWars - New Map

You can see a little sneak peak in the background so you can guess how sick this map is gonna look. When it'll be released.

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